Sausage doughnuts: Must it be - or must have?

15-Feb-2023 - Germany

Sausage doughnuts! Pastry chef Florian Perkmann assures: The latest creation from his bakery is perfectly balanced in terms of taste. In terms of sales figures, the new doughnut is more of a niche pastry, but at least it is attracting a lot of attention.

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Redcurrant jam, sausage, onion, ketchup-mustard-curry sauce - and all that in a doughnut: Miesbach baker and confectioner Florian Perkmann, inventor of the Leberkas doughnut of 2019, once again has a special treat in his assortment for Carnival: sausage doughnuts. Several media had reported on it.

Where one person is creeped out, another curiously picks up: a dozen of the novel doughnuts go over the counter at Perkmann's every day - in addition to a good 200 normal doughnuts with chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla and other rather ordinary flavors, he reports. Recipe:

An initially normal doughnut gets an additional cocktail pork sausage sandwiched between the sliced halves, with onion and bosna sauce on top.

Together with his wife, Perkmann always comes up with special pastries. The fan club is already eagerly awaiting new creations. "Mei, a basil pesto doughnut would be an idea," someone on Perkmann's Facebook page suggests.

But the baker, who is always driven by "the desire for something new," already has a plan. "Next year will come the vegetable doughnut. My wife is a vegetarian, so I want to please her, too." What exactly will go into the vegetable doughnut is still open. It could perhaps be Asian, says Perkmann.

But his love of experimentation also knows limits: "Someone asked if we could do a fish doughnut next year. But that's where it stops for me."

Last year, Perkmann sold doughnuts with masks made of marzipan at carnival time due to corona. In 2019, he caused a stir with the Leberkas doughnut. At the time, it was in competition with a Lower Bavarian creation, the Goaßmaß doughnut, invented by a journeyman baker from Frontenhausen. Goaßmaß consists of half dark beer and half cola and is refined with a cherry liqueur.

More recently, Perkmann created a tribute to star chef Alfons Schuhbeck: When he was about to begin his prison sentence, the "Stadelheimer" were on display in the Miesbach bakery - potato rolls refined with ginger juice. (dpa)

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