Edible tape: enjoy burritos without problems until the last bite

01-Mar-2023 - Germany

Who hasn't experienced it: we bite into a tasty burrito with relish, and it feels like half the contents fall out. Four students at Johns Hopkins University have taken on this problem and found an innovative solution in 2022: Tastee Tape - the edible tape.

The edible tape was developed by the four female biotechnology and chemical engineering students as part of a design project at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. It is made of an edible adhesive that contains a food-grade fibrous scaffold. About 1.5 centimeters wide and 5 centimeters long, the clear, rectangular adhesive strips are affixed to sheets of wax paper and ready to use at a moment's notice. This makes it easy to peel them off the paper when needed and stick them to a rolled-up burrito when moistened.

samuelfernandezrivera auf Pixabay

Delicious, but not always easy to eat: Burritos

In the run-up to their project, they looked into the scientific side of adhesive tapes and different adhesives, and then searched for an edible counterpart. Since the four developers have applied for a patent on the innovative adhesive tape, the exact details of the recipe are still "top secret".
In the next step, the inventors want to further improve the composition of the tape.

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