Tea trend 2023: Oolong so good!

Delicious discovery from the realm of teas

02-Mar-2023 - Germany

Drinking tea is more popular than ever in Germany. On the one hand, because teas, herbal and fruit teas are part of a balanced diet, and on the other hand, because their great variety and delicious specialties always provide welcome variety. One example of this is oolong teas, which are currently in vogue among tea fans. But what is actually behind the melodious name? And what makes oolong teas such a special discovery?

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Tea trend 2023: Oolong so good!

Dragons with a gentle character

In Chinese, oolong means "black dragon". Oolong teas come to us mainly from China and Taiwan, but also from Japan, Tanzania and many other growing countries. They come in different qualities, in an impressive variety of tastes and in amazingly different colors. Among the best oolongs are Oriental Beauty and Dongding from Taiwan and Tie Kuan Yin from China. Oolong teas are semi-fermented, meaning that the leaves are not heated after harvesting, as is the case with green teas, for example; instead, they are classically wilted in the sun and then gently rolled to induce fermentation. Depending on the duration of the oxidation process, oolong tea leaves are light green to almost black.

Oolong teas come in many flavors, ranging from strong-bready to mild-sweet. What makes this specialty tea so special is that oolong teas can be infused several times (up to five times) and each infusion has a different flavor. Oolong teas are also said to contain more antioxidants than green teas and are said to have a digestive effect. In China, they are therefore often served with dim sum at lunchtime.

Discovering specialties is worthwhile

"Oolong teas are especially something for fans of mild teas. From infusion to infusion, the often spherically rolled tea leaves open more and more until the whole leaf is visible. So the tea changes not only in taste, but also visually. ", Kyra Schaper, press officer of the German Tea & Herbal Tea Association, summarizes her positive impression of this tea specialty."My tip: Anyone who has a desire for oolong should seek advice in a tea specialty store. For me, for example, Milky Oolongs with their pleasant creamy taste were a real enrichment." Oolong teas are primarily available in tea specialty stores and in the online stores of tea manufacturers. Some oolong rarities can also be found here. A recommendation for all those who want to get to the bottom of the taste secrets of these special teas even deeper.

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