Veganz introduces sustainable vegan egg alternative - in the fight against water scarcity and climate change

03-Apr-2023 - Germany

Veganz Group AG, the only multi-category supplier of vegan food in Europe, today introduces the innovative vegan egg alternative, which not only convinces in terms of taste, but also contributes to environmental protection and the fight against water scarcity. The Vegan egg of Veganz is available immediately exclusively at the Onlineshop Kokku.

Veganz Group AG

Veganz The vegan egg

According to the latest Veganz study, "Climate Change and Optimism in Germany," three-quarters of Germans are concerned about water scarcity and nearly 90 percent believe in climate change. Veganz is responding to these concerns and demonstrating how sustainable food production can work with its Vegan Egg: The almond-based egg alternative uses 98 percent less water than conventional free-range eggs and also produces 31 percent fewer CO2 emissions.

The Vegan Egg also scores with a variety of preparation options, a clean label recipe with only eight ingredients and an MSRP of EUR 3.49 for 100 g. It comes without soy, flavorings or artificial ingredients. It comes without soy, flavor enhancers and flavors and serves as a source of protein. In addition to its sustainable water and carbon footprint, Veganz also contributes to environmental protection through collaborations with organizations such as CleanHub.

For World Water Day on March 22, 2023, for example, Veganz launched water conservation campaigns together with CleanHub to protect life on land and in water. In doing so, Veganz is supporting the development of waste disposal in Tanzania, thereby avoiding over seven tons of ocean plastic, which is equivalent to the annual amount of recyclable packaging of the Veganz Choc Bar Coconut. For every Veganz Choc Bar Coconut sold at Rewe on World Water Day and via a parallel social media campaign, the company also had additional plastic collected. In this way, a total of 1,868 kg of plastic was collected, which Veganz will have additionally collected in Tanzania.

With great commitment and the new vegan egg alternative, Veganz shows how a sustainable food industry can function and sets an example against climate change and water scarcity.

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