Purely plant-based is so delicious!

Billie Green presents new snacks and Spanish cold cuts


Just what we needed: with the three new products from Billie Green, the hunt for hearty vegan snacks has finally come to an end. The Billie Green Vegan Snacks Salami-Style are a real highlight for in-between meals. And snack lovers can look forward to the latest addition to the cold cuts family: Billie Green Vegan salami Chorizo Style. All under the motto: "This is how delicious plant-based is!"

The Plantly Butchers GmbH & Co.

Billie Green Vegan Snack Salami Style Classic

Hearty salvation for hunger pangs is in sight: the Billie Green vegan salami snack chorizo style comes in two flavors. Whether as a classic salami snack with a smoky, spicy note or in the fiery version with chilli: both vegan variants impress with their firm bite and are "ready to snack" - at home or on the go. The Billie Green vegan chorizo-style salami joins the vegan cold cuts as an exciting new variety that packs a punch: Smoky and spicy, it gives your snack a real Spanish touch. Billie Green Vegan Snacks Salami-Style are always quick to hand when you're feeling peckish.

As usual, The Plantly Butchers relies on an innovative production process based on fermentation for its new products. In combination with optimum production conditions and the use of high-quality spices, this creates a unique snack experience. With a high protein content of between 31 and 36 grams, Billie Green products are also a genuine plant-based alternative to conventional meat and sausage products in terms of nutritional physiology.

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