Gin world champions from Hamburg-Zanzibar develop world first

KOYi Dropping Gin - Mindful Drinking with pipette


They are the only distillery in the world to have already won two world champion titles at the "World Gin Awards" for their unique creations. Now the two founders of Hamburg-Zanzibar are going one better: They want to revolutionize conscious, low-alcohol gin drinking with a world first.

Their "KOYi Dropping Gin" is a concentrate that is simply dropped into tonic water and immediately releases the full aroma of a "real" world champion gin and tonic - with almost no alcohol and half the calories of a normal gin and tonic.

How did the idea for this low-alcohol distillate come about?

Yuka Suzuki, who is actually a yoga teacher, and her partner Dr. Hauke Günther, who is actually a biologist, are fascinated by the desire to experiment with new flavors. During their fourth parental leave, they created an unusual gin with notes of turmeric in their kitchen at home, with which they won the 2021 World Gin Award, the most important spirits prize in the world. The second world champion title followed in 2023 with their classic gin "Hamburg-Zanzibar Suburban".

"But I never really liked alcohol," says Yuka Suzuki. "As an athlete, I eat healthily and try to drink as little alcohol as possible. I like gin and tonic, but I wanted a version that you can drink without regret but with pleasure."

After the two founders had won numerous awards for their exceptional gins, the next step was clear: they wanted to develop an almost alcohol-free gin that could compete with a "real" one in terms of taste.

How does KOYi Dropping Gin work?

"Our dropping gin is based on the recipe of a classic gin," explains Dr. Hauke Günther. "In a specially developed distillation process, we concentrate the botanicals many times over and preserve them in 70% alcohol. This results in a highly concentrated distillate, which later develops its full flavor again immediately in tonic water."

KOYi contains no additives, no flavorings, no sugar and no substitutes, but is a completely natural distillate.

To fully enjoy a reduced-alcohol gin and tonic, a few drops of KOYi Dropping Gin are dropped into a glass of tonic water using the integrated pipette. The full gin flavor immediately unfolds in the mocktail. The alcohol content of the ready-mixed drink is around 0.5% to 1.5% - less than half a shandy. The taste of the gin and tonic: classic, light and subtly tart with a hint of grapefruit.

"With KOYi Dropping Gin, we want to help people drink more healthily," says Yuka Suzuki. "We want to show that gin and tonic enjoyment also works with much less alcohol and without compromise: Because the Droppies taste exactly like a real gin."

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