Strong product brands under the Dallmayr umbrella brand

Dallmayr sharpens its umbrella brand with new product brand spots

Alois Dallmayr Kaffee oHG

Strong product brands under the Dallmayr umbrella brand

Unique every day! Whether Dallmayr prodomo, Dallmayr d'Oro, Home Barista or capsa - what all Dallmayr coffees have in common is that special moment of pleasure. To sharpen up its popular individual brands under the umbrella brand campaign introduced in 2023, the traditional roaster is launching four new product brand commercials.

Alois Dallmayr Kaffee oHG

Dallmayr D'Oro also launches in 2024 with Moritz Bleibtreu

"With the umbrella brand campaign, we are creating positive synergy effects for our product brands. With the individual brand spots, we are focusing even more strongly on the respective target groups and sharpening the individual brand profile," says Ellen Ruthrof, Head of Marketing Communications at Dallmayr Kaffee.

Strong product brands under one roof
With the premiere of its first umbrella brand campaign, Dallmayr has laid the foundation for a strong and uniform brand presence. Under the motto "Unique every day", the campaign conveys the rich history and uncompromising quality standards of the Munich-based roaster to the outside world.

"The aim of the umbrella brand strategy is to create a unique brand experience at all our touchpoints along the customer journey. Our corporate culture and the guiding principle of the umbrella brand "Dallmayr - Unique every day" should be tangible everywhere - whether with the products in stores, the espresso in the café next door or the cup of coffee at the vending machine in the office," explains Caroline Epping, Head of Marketing at Dallmayr Kaffee.

Dallmayr D'Oro also launches in 2024 with Moritz Bleibtreu
The new Dallmayr d'Oro commercial combines the art of roasting from Munich with an Italian attitude to life. With testimonial Moritz Bleibtreu, a well-known face conveys Dallmayr's promise of quality across the screens. The commercial follows the journey of a coffee bean to Moritz's cup. The new commercial will be broadcast in a three-week TV flight from January 22, 2024 to February 11, 2024.

Special moments of pleasure with Dallmayr Prodomo
For 60 years, the name Dallmayr has been synonymous with the classic prodomo coffee. The brand's tradition is also reflected in the commercial: the well-known Dallmayr headquarters and the coffee department are an important part of the prodomo commercial and create a vivid image of the coffee brand and its history. There are also scenes of special moments of pleasure that make every day unique. The Love Brand Dallmayr prodomo commercials have been inspiring for 60 years. To mark the brand's anniversary, Dallmayr wants to get its customers excited about prodomo across all communication channels.

Discover the coffee trade with Dallmayr Home Barista
In 2022, Dallmayr launched Home Barista, a range for all fans of the coffee trade. With its modern look, Dallmayr Home Barista appeals to a young, coffee-loving generation and invites them to enjoy coffee creations in their own four walls. The commercial represents the brand narrative "coffee as a lifestyle product" and shows the passion for coffee craftsmanship at home. The commercial, which can be seen offline and online in spring and fall 2024, picks up on the classic Dallmayr sound in combination with new stylistic elements.

The colorful variety of Dallmayr Capsa
The Dallmayr capsa commercial shows the colorful variety of the range with its dynamic editing style. In bright colors, capsa delivers the right coffee for every taste, conveniently at the touch of a button. The commercial runs in November 2024, exclusively online.

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