New: Baileys apple strudel

Enjoy your favorite dessert in a glass: With the Baileys Apple Strudel Limited Edition


When the popular cream liqueur Baileys explores the delicious world of your favorite dessert, success is inevitable. Adult sweet-tooths can look forward to a unique taste experience and retailers to irresistible sales opportunities. DIAGEO, one of the world's leading producers of premium spirits, is presenting a new, exclusive limited edition: Baileys Apple Strudel. This delicious creation combines the taste of Original Irish Cream with the popular apple strudel dessert, creating a harmonious liaison between the two worlds of indulgence. A tempting duo that triggers pure enthusiasm among both the target group and the trade.


New! Baileys apple strudel

A promising dream team

What can you expect when two classics meet? When the Germans' favorite liqueur meets one of the most sought-after German desserts? Quite simply: an outrageously delicious treat! After all, who can resist the fruity taste of freshly baked apple strudel melting into the creamy, velvety texture of Baileys Irish Cream liqueur? Baileys Apple Strudel transforms a favorite dessert known far beyond the country's borders into a unique drinking pleasure that awakens nostalgic feelings and promises moments of pleasure with a feel-good factor. A tasty hit with guaranteed success, considering that the word "apple strudel" is trending with 5.5 million results in Google searches. At the same time, apple is one of the dessert flavors with the highest search volume. Germans search for this tasty treat 14 million times a year.

Limited edition delivers unlimited sales opportunities

With Baileys Apple Strudel, DIAGEO not only serves up a thoroughly delicious dessert experience to drink, but also an exclusive limited edition. And Baileys is always extremely interested in this. After all, adults with a sweet tooth love to try out new flavors. The new limited edition therefore arouses particular curiosity and invites liqueur newcomers to try it out. Regular Baileys fans are regularly so enthusiastic about the innovative creations that almost a third of them are encouraged to buy more. The new, smaller format also encourages experimentation and motivates occasional purchases: Baileys Apple Strudel is available in the 500 ml bottle, which is particularly popular with consumers. The best conditions for unlimited sales potential with the Limited Edition, which ensures additional purchases and a higher basket value.

Universally popular and versatile to enjoy

Baileys Limited Editions are popular with both men and women with a sweet tooth. No wonder, as they are ideal for a wide variety of consumption options, such as the new Baileys Apple Strudel. Whether pure on ice cream, as a topping for ice cream or as a highlight in cocktail creations - there is something here for all tastes. And the occasions are also wonderfully varied: as a sweet treat for dessert, a small delicacy with coffee and cake or as a sweet treat in between meals. Baileys apple strudel is simply made for enjoying together in good company and for relaxed moments of indulgence at home. One more reason why the target group, primarily between the ages of 18 and 40, is guaranteed not to miss out on this delicious liqueur composition.

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