Brand DNA in a green bottle: Veltins Helles Lager creates full refreshment enjoyment

New variety impulse with lots of character

Brauerei C. & A. VELTINS GmbH & Co. KG

Fresh taste, new variety impulse: Veltins Helles Lager refreshes the product portfolio in early summer with a mild and tasty beer - with a new impulsive appearance in the green Veltins brand color.

Fresh taste, new variety impulse: Veltins Helles Lager refreshes the product portfolio in early summer with a mild and tasty beer - with a new impulsive appearance in the green Veltins brand color. "Because the beer market is changing and people are becoming more and more willing to try new beers, we are responding to the new taste preferences - a young beer should be refreshing above all," says Dr. Volker Kuhl, Managing Director Marketing/Sales at the C. & A. Veltins brewery. The changes in consumption habits are the starting signal for the private brewery to launch new varieties in summer 2024.

Pale lager in the fast lane with cosmopolitan consumers

While the classic pale lager is currently enjoying a growth story in Germany, lager beers with an international container look and taste profile have long been in the fast lane with cosmopolitan consumers. "The new Veltins Helles Lager is a clear brand statement for our new generation of beer. With a traditional sender and trendy presentation in our corporate colors, it carries the clear Veltins brand DNA," says Dr. Volker Kuhl. People with a positive attitude to life in particular want the modernity and lightness of the Veltins brand as soon as they reach for the six-pack or returnable crate, but at the same time want all the virtues of a good beer to be preserved. Veltins Helles Lager, with its refreshing character and mild, tasty flavor, is the timely answer to this consumer wish, especially at a chilled temperature of 5 degrees. The subtle hop note without bitterness immediately sets it apart from Veltins Pilsener. At 5.0% by volume, the alcohol content of the new variety is within the familiar spectrum between pilsner and pale ale. "We are aware of the coherence of a product-brand concept, because perfect taste alone is not enough; the appearance must also support the beer's character," Dr. Volker Kuhl is convinced. A new beer is also expected to have a strong signal effect and a brand with an unmistakable character that meets the consumer at eye level. Veltins' beer expertise is just as recognizable through the umbrella brand as the new variety impulse.

Off to something new! The product appearance is also a clear signal of departure towards the international market. The green returnable bottle provides a strong impulse appearance on the beverage shelf and also stands for the visual self-image of the international lager beers, which is also made clear by the container size of 0.275 l content with a lightweight glass bottle. Dr. Volker Kuhl: "Every invitation to clink glasses with Veltins Helles Lager gives the feeling of carefree conviviality - the best answer to thirst." The product launch in 2024/25 will be accompanied by an accompanying brand campaign on traditional communication channels and social media. Veltins is also placing the product at the center of high-reach samplings and major events.

Veltins Helles Lager product profile

Veltins Helles Lager is a bottom-fermented, filtered full beer that, unlike many international lagers, is brewed exclusively from water, malt, yeast and freshly harvested hops in accordance with the German Purity Law. In line with the Veltins brand philosophy, hop extract has been deliberately avoided. The lager presents itself in a crystal-clear, radiant golden yellow and impresses with a fine head. Aromas of malt and a subtle hint of hops make the first aroma perfect. Fresh hop notes, a barely noticeable bitterness and a light malt body then come to the fore on the tongue. Both come together harmoniously in the finish with fine bubbles and a refreshing tanginess. Veltins Helles Lager is only available in 0.275 l returnable containers. It is sold in the brand's own 24-pack returnable crate and as a six-pack.

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