18.000 gamers worldwide turn vegetables into the ultimate gaming power-up - Knorr shows that vegetables are still lagging behind

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The #ModTheVeg movement has taken the gaming world by storm and aims to level up vegetables in video games. With over 18,000 gamers from around the world signing the petition, the movement has really taken off.


Based on Knorr's findings, it became apparent time and time again that vegetables are clearly lacking in many games. In one game, for example, munching on meat gives you +15 health points, while chewing cabbage only gives you +10. In other games, the difference is even greater. A beef steak gives +552 health points, while a hearty bean stew only gives +61. The results and the presentation by streamers around the world have shaken up the gaming community and encouraged them in their quest for vegetable equality.

In a series of electrifying Twitch streams, almost 1 million viewers were confronted with the reality that it is much harder to survive in the game on vegetables alone. But the streams also featured exciting player-created mods that finally give veggies the power they deserve.

The gaming community has joined the movement and voiced their opinions in the comments. Gamers expressed their support for the supercharging movement: "We're all here for veggies", and another agreed that "veggies give superpowers". Others couldn't wait to get their greedy hands on vegetable-specific mods, saying "I'm playing this mod as soon as I get home today!". The overwhelming support for vegetables was evident from comments such as "We love vegetables <3" in the chat. This shows the community's enthusiasm for a more inclusive and rewarding gaming experience and mirrors our diet in the real world.

World-famous streamer "Ninja" added: "It was a great experience to show my community the mods and talk about the deprivation of vegetables in gaming. I'm sure #ModTheVeg will attract considerable attention and push the industry to rethink the current situation where other foods are usually a success factor. I am so glad that my audience was on board and enthusiastic about this campaign with all the fun challenges we completed."

Niek de Rooij, Global Brand Director of Knorr, was delighted with the success of the movement:

"#ModTheVeg has exceeded our expectations and we are incredibly happy to see so many gamers around the world having fun with their mods and signing the petition. This movement shows the need for a paradigm shift regarding the representation of vegetables in games and the unbalanced food culture promoted in games."

You can still join the movement to create a level playing field for vegetables. Make vegetables the MVP (most valuable product) in your game inventory. This is not just a mission, but a player revolution aimed at eliminating injustice towards veggies. Get involved by playing the mods and signing the petition to ask the gaming world to make vegetables as exciting and rewarding in their games as other foods!

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