Nestlé meets growing air fryer demand with range of innovative meal solutions


Air fryers have taken social media by storm and, by all accounts, it's a trend that's here to stay. The rise of this countertop cooking appliance reflects the broader evolution in consumer tastes and behavior - from how meals are prepared to what convenience looks like.


Nestlé meets growing air fryer demand with range of innovative meal solutions

The air fryer has penetrated markets around the globe. In the United States, sales have grown steadily for nearly a decade - an estimated two-thirds of households now own one.

Nestlé is continuing to offer solutions to meet these changing consumer needs. Leveraging its science and technology expertise, as well as consumer insights, Nestlé has developed a range of products specifically for the air fryer.

Available in the US since April this year, Stouffer’s Melt-FULLS frozen sandwiches are prepared meals designed specifically for air fryer cooking.

Insights also show that American consumers increasingly enjoy preparing foods like Hot Pockets direct from the air fryer. Nestlé thus provides air fryer cooking instructions directly on the packaging for some of its biggest brands, including Hot Pockets and DiGiornio personal pizzas.

In Australia and the United Kingdom, Maggi seasonings for air fryer elevate the crunch and flavor of your dish. Made with natural herbs and spices, these seasoning packets make it easier to cook delicious meals at home. Nestlé has also captured this trend in China with Totole air fryer seasonings, which deliver a carefully proportioned and authentic taste experience.

Commenting on the innovations, Nikhil Chand, Head of the Food Strategic Business Unit at Nestlé, said: "As we strive to meet the evolving needs of our consumers, we remain committed to exploring innovative culinary solutions across various geographies. With consumers increasingly turning to technologies like the air fryer, our ability to innovate at speed enables us to be at the forefront of this wave through our powerful brands, providing tasty and convenient options."

Swen Rabe, Head of Nestlé's Product Technology Center for Food in Singen, Germany adds: "These products were developed using Nestlé's scientific expertise and knowledge of flavors, formulations and production. Through the smart use of ingredients and extensive testing with our R&D chefs to improve the cooking process, we are able to deliver a great food experience."

With air fryers increasing in popularity around the world, Nestlé will continue to grow its range of solutions for this device by expanding to new markets and developing new solutions across its biggest brands. Nestlé is also developing new formats for frozen prepared whole meals in the US.

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