Burcon receives U.S. Patent and Trademark Notice for Pea Protein Peazazz

28-Aug-2019 - Canada

Burcon NutraScience Corporation (Frankfurt WKN: 157 793, TSX: BU), a global technology leader in the development of plant proteins, today announced that it has received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a patent covering several valuable properties of Burcon's pea protein Peazazz(R). An approval notice from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is a written confirmation that a patent application has undergone internal examination and is pending approval and will be granted in the near future.

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"We are pleased to announce this important patent application for the pea protein Peazazz. It will further expand our substantial patent portfolio," said Johann F. Tergesen, Burcon's President and Chief Executive Officer. He added: "Burcon has made substantial financial investments to research and develop our plant-based protein technologies. The core of our long-term business plan is to protect this investment through a conscious and calculated patent strategy."

U.S. patent application 13/556.357 covers several valuable properties of Peazazz, including its exceptional solubility and transparency in low pH solutions. The notification of approval is dated August 7, 2019 and complements Burcon's existing patent portfolio of 268 granted patents in various countries, including 67 granted U.S. patents, and 260 additional pending patent applications, of which 43 are U.S. patent applications. The notification of admission, which is the subject of this notification, will be issued in the near future as an approved U.S. patent.

Peazazz(R) Pea protein

Peazazz(R) is a uniquely soluble, pure and neutral tasting pea protein that is ideally suited for milk-free alternative products. Through Burcon's proprietary

extraction and purification processes, the pea protein tastes and works differently than other proteins on the market. Peazazz(R) has pure taste properties and excellent solubility, making it easy to create recipes. Peazazz(R) can provide your product with an additional nutritional benefit and is free of milk protein, soy and gluten at the same time. (dpa)

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