An Innovative Nutrient-rich, All-purpose flour

New high-fiber flour offers added nutritional and immune health benefits for at-home bakers with all the deliciousness of traditional all-purpose flour

19-Nov-2020 - USA

With nearly one-third of Americans saying that immune health is top of mind as they head into their kitchens this holiday season1, Flourish Flour, the first high fiber, all-purpose wheat flour that supports good digestive and immune health, launched nationwide today.

Bay State Milling

With 77% of Americans saying they’re planning to do more holiday baking this year, ingredients with benefits like Flourish Flour matter.2 Rich in gut-healthy prebiotic fiber, Flourish is a deliciously simple addition to family favorite recipes. With five times more fiber and fewer net carbs than traditional all-purpose flour, Flourish adds much needed dietary fiber to the recipes everyone loves – with the same great taste and no fiber additives. Baking and cooking with Flourish is simple; just replace flour with Flourish exactly as the recipe calls for.

“We’re all thinking about how we can live just a little healthier today. And, our immune health matters more now than it ever has before,” said Pete Levangie, CEO of Bay State Milling Company, Flourish’s parent company. “We’re firm believers that baking makes you feel good, inside and out – and with so many Americans spending time in the kitchen to bake their favorite recipes, this is the perfect product at just the right time.”

The fiber found in Flourish is naturally occurring resistant starch that has prebiotic benefits, feeding the good bacteria in the gut to help support a balanced digestive system. With more than 70% of immune cells residing in the gut, consuming foods rich in prebiotic fiber creates an environment for immune cells to thrive. In addition to gut health, fiber can help reduce heart disease risk, control blood sugar levels and help maintain a healthy weight.

“Only 5% of Americans are receiving the recommended amount of daily fiber needed for optimal gut and immune health,” says Jessica Levinson, RD. “A simple, impactful, whole food ingredient like Flourish is an easy way to incorporate prebiotic fiber into your family’s everyday meals. From nutrient-packed morning muffins to fiber-rich brownies for dessert, there are endless delicious options.”

Flourish’s commitment to delicious, better-for-you ingredients starts in the fields – long before it reaches your table. Working with family farms, the brand has established a community-oriented approach to responsibly grow the specialty wheat used in Flourish. Grower partnerships are one of the unique ways in which the brand is investing in agriculture and America’s rural communities.

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