28-Apr-2021 - PepsiCo Deutschland GmbH

Rockstar sparks new energy around the world

New design and new variety Rockstar Energy + HEMP cause a sensation

With the launch of the international campaign "Life is Your Stage" and a bold statement look and attitude, the energy drink brand Rockstar inspires consumers around the world. These are the brand's first international activities since it was acquired in 2020 by PepsiCo, the world's second-largest publicly traded food company. The goal is to raise Rockstar's profile to be in twice as many markets within the next three years.

Rockstar is no longer just about rock and roll, it's about so much more:

Life is a stage where we give our all every day, with heart, courage and energy. "Life is Your Stage" is therefore the name of the new Rockstar campaign, which celebrates precisely those everyday performers who push forward their visions and goals with a positive attitude, the necessary bite and determination - every day anew.

Since April, the launch of the German "Life is Your Stage" campaign has focused on a female rapper: the clip shows how she turns her life into her stage. From DIY recording studios to hours of creating new raps, this everyday heroine has the courage and stamina to unleash her full potential with the help of Rockstar Energy1. Consumers can stay excited, because the big equity campaign for Rockstar Original with another everyday hero will be launched at the end of May 2021.

In line with this rousing start, the new energy variety Rockstar + HEMP is just around the corner, which complements the Rockstar portfolio in three delicious flavours with the top 1 ingredient "hemp seed extract": "Tropical Burst" creates tropical moments with a juice content of eight percent with apple juice concentrate, mango pulp concentrate and guava pulp concentrate. The "Original" variety has the incomparable Rockstar Energy taste with notes of hemp seeds, taurine and guarana. In the "Prickly Cactus" energy drink, the sparkling taste of cactus water notes meets the fruity, tart character of oranges. This unusual combination creates intense taste experiences.

"We are delighted that we can now finally shine the spotlight on our Rockstar energy drink through the design relaunch," says Isabel Teves, Beverages Lead DACH at PepsiCo: "All over the world, and therefore also in Germany, the desire for functional drinks is increasing, and energy drinks are one of them. With our new design, we also want to redefine how our consumers perceive and enjoy Rockstar Energy. We want to celebrate hard-working and passionate people who want to get things done and get ahead with our new attitude!"

In Germany, Rockstar has been in the market since 2008, and this is also the first time that the brand is getting a completely revamped design. With the new visual identity created internally by the PepsiCo Global Design team, the energy drink will be an even bigger eye-catcher in the future. The modernised and iconic star logo will be refreshed across the portfolio with a refreshed colour palette of metallic gold and black. Stephen White, senior director, design, PepsiCo Global Beverages, says: "We are excited to take the new design identity to the next level internationally. With the new brand identity, we hope to elevate Rockstar Energy and make the brand even more desirable to consumers."

The background to the new international campaign was interviews with over 3,000 consumers worldwide, which provided extensive insights into local characteristics. To get closer to consumers and meet their needs, Rockstar has produced 60 different versions of the hero clips and is developing additional local content that will appeal to more than 30 different markets around the world.

In addition to the energy-giving ingredient Vitamin B, Rockstar Energy drinks also contain ginseng and taurine. Since PepsiCo announced the acquisition of Rockstar, the brand's reach has massively increased. Currently, Rockstar products are available in 20 different flavors, which include completely sugar-free variants.

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