Heineken® launches its first virtual beer brewed in the metaverse, Heineken® Silver

30-Mar-2022 - Spain

Heineken® today launched its first virtual beer, Heineken® Silver. A launch made exclusively from the Heineken® brewery in the metaverse, specifically on the immersive digital platform Decentraland,

Heineken Espana

Heineken® launches its first virtual beer brewed in the metaverse, Heineken® Silver

Thanks to decades of brewing innovation, Heineken® is known in the real world for its premium quality. Now, the same brewing experience that has made it world famous is undergoing a high-tech transformation to take on the metaverse, pixel by pixel.

The three signature Heineken® ingredients become 100% virtually generated ingredients in the metaverse. Heineken®'s exclusive A-Yeast, which is fermented in horizontal tanks, has been replaced by A-Pixels. Gone are the hops harvested in the fields. Heineken® Silver is brewed with binary-coded hops grown by NPC (non-player character) farmers. And, of course, the entire virtual brewing process is overseen by Heineken® virtual assistants, digital surrogates for brewmasters.

"At Heineken® we know that connecting with people is vital to human existence, like the air we breathe or the water we drink. And that the metaverse is a new social meeting point, casual, immersive and exciting. Our new virtual beer Heineken® Silver is a joke, made in a fully conscious way, that makes fun of ourselves and many other brands and products that are jumping into the metaverse," explains Bram Westenbrink, Global Head of Heineken®. "For now, you can't test pixels and bytes, so we remind you that the best way to enjoy Heineken® is in the real world," he jokes.

The metaverse of Heineken® Silver has a Spanish stamp. The creation and design of this virtual brewery have the signature of urban artist J. Demsky. This self-taught Elche native began his creative career immersed in the graffiti boom of the early 90s. His nostalgic look at Arcade games, Japanese Mecha movies or science fiction on VHS can now be seen in the futuristic, modern and carefree universe he has created for Heineken® Silver. "Being able to give people a way to understand artistically what a virtual drink could taste like, fits perfectly with who I am and the art I like to create," explains the Spanish artist.

The Heineken® brewery in the metaverse is now available to enjoy Heineken® Silver virtual beer while participating in activities such as the can lab, blind tastings or virtual toasts. In its presentation, which took place today, the first visitors were able to learn how the beer is brewed in seconds, enjoying pixelated lobster and caviar and rubbing shoulders with Heineken® ambassadors, such as former footballer Thierry Henry.

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