Cruzcampo with spicy red chili peppers, "a beer with a lot of accent and a lot of rock'n'roll".

02-Jun-2022 - Spain

A heat wave arrives this week in Seville, provoked by the new Cruzcampo craft creation, the hottest of the beers from Factoría Cruzcampo (Avenida de Andalucía, 1. Seville). It seems to come from California, but no. This craft beer is from Seville. 'Cruzcampo with spicy red chili peppers' is an American IPA (India Pale Ale) brewed with said bell pepper by Cruzcampo's brewmasters. "A beer with a lot of accent and a lot of rock'n'roll, which will raise the temperature of even the most beer-loving brewers," adds Juan Jiménez, Cruzcampo's brewmaster.


"The American IPA style was the perfect style to support all the strength we wanted to communicate with this beer. For beer lovers, this style is like the old rocker that never dies. The IPA style resurfaced in the 1970s with the arrival of its American variant, as one of the precursors of the new golden age of craft beers that continues to this day," Jiménez explains. Specifically, California is considered the cradle of the 'Craft Beer' movement in the United States, where the sector has 700 breweries according to the California Brewers Association.

Cruzcampo with spicy red chili peppers' is a reddish-colored beer with slight turbidity as it is unfiltered. It has a tropical flavor and aroma, with coconut and vanilla notes that combine with the spiciness of the red chili, softened thanks to the moderate-high bitterness of this hoppy beer (6.6% alcohol content).

Almost a year after the opening of Factoría Cruzcampo, its microbrewery has not stopped working with up to 24 recipes of different styles and varieties of craft beer. It is a place full of symbolism for the brand, where the respect that comes from being in the place where the first Cruzcampo was brewed in 1904 converges with the audacity to look for different and unique things in each new creation.

"As happened with wine, interest in beer culture is witnessing a spectacular boom," says Irene Pascual, the brand's brewmaster. "From the Factoría Cruzcampo microbrewery we can see every day how curiosity is growing about everything that surrounds beer: the way it is made, the styles, the varieties, the pairings...", she concludes.

Cruzcampo with spicy red chili peppers' is now available for a limited time at Factoría Cruzcampo, where it is brewed together with other varieties and styles of craft beer that can only be tasted there. In addition, some special packs will be raffled off at the Hot Spot party (@rhcp_RoadTrippin) on Friday, June 3.

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