Yili Remains the Most Chosen FMCG Brand in China

The “Yili Quality” is endorsed by 1.3 billion Chinese consumers

06-Jul-2022 - China

With a 92.4% brand penetration rate and a consumer reach of 1.3 billion, Yili was once again ranked first among the most chosen FMCG brands in the Chinese market. For the 10th consecutive year, Yili remains the most chosen brand for Chinese consumers, according to Brand Footprint reports by Kantar.

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The “Yili Quality” is endorsed by 1.3 billion Chinese consumers   

The high-quality products enable Yili to reach over 1.3 billion Chinese consumers. Adhering to its corporate belief that “Yili” means the best quality, Yili has established a holistic internal quality management system that involves all employees and whole operation processes, featuring over 1,000 inspections that each Yili product goes through.  

In the upstream, Yili has developed a “smart farm” system for more targeted and scientific cow raising and health management to provide high-quality raw milk. In the midstream, Yili upgraded its “smart factories” to be equipped with an end-to-end product traceability system that gathers and analyzes production data for product quality monitoring and prevention and provides early warning about quality risks. In the downstream, Yili launched a digital platform that enables more efficient and accurate insights into consumer needs to support further optimization of product and service quality.  

Continued innovations help Yili retain its position as China’s most chosen consumer brand

Believing in “No innovation, no future”, Yili aligns its innovation efforts closely with the key R&D areas and has integrated global resources to establish its innovation network. To date, Yili has established 15 innovation centers, based in Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Americas.

This year, Yili has launched many new products to fulfil consumer’s diverse needs for nutrition and health benefits. Backed by innovative marketing initiatives, Yili’s new products and new businesses have achieved rapid growth. The Satine Ultra-Filtered Milk, for example, has been well-received in the market by meeting consumers’ health needs. This new product features higher protein and calcium and lower fat and sodium through the application of ultra-filtering technology on raw milk to reduce extra fat, lactose and sodium, along with water, in order to concentrate the condensed milk proteins.

Besides the parent brand Yili, the Group also owns over 20 sub-brands. Among them, the annual sales of parent brand Yili, AMBPOMIAL and Satine each hit a revenue of over RMB 20 billion, while that of Jinlingguan and Youngfun each surpassed RMB 10 billion.

Innovative products have helped Yili to achieve continuous growth. In 2021, Yili realized a total revenue of RMB 110.595 billion, becoming the first RMB 100 billion-dairy company in Asia.

Jason Yu, General Manager of Kantar in China, commented that despite the groundbreaking changes in the Chinese market over the past decade, the leading brands have all remained resilient and have established sustainable customer growth models with their outstanding brand strength, channel excellence and strong product innovation capabilities.

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