26-Sep-2022 - Planty of Meat GmbH

Whole Cut Vegan Chicken Breast

Cheaper than the original

Planty of Meat sets a new benchmark in the vegetable meat substitute market with its cooked-through chicken breast fillet.

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"For me, Whole Cut chicken breast is the key product for plant-based meat alternatives," explains Johannes Biel, CEO and founder of the German food start-up"Planty of Meat." "With the vegan, cooked chicken breast, we have now achieved a real breakthrough. The product is perfect for cold salads or bowls or warm dishes like tacos or curries."

In fact, chicken breast is the growth product of the traditional German meat trade. The reasons for this trend are clear: In addition to low fat and high protein content, versatility is a key advantage. No wonder, then, that suppliers of vegan meat substitutes have been working on alternatives to the classic chicken breast for years.

However, vegan chicken breast is an exceedingly complex topic for product developers, because the texture of the meat in the fillet presents a challenge. Taste, nutritional value and naturalness must be producible at a reasonable price. And that is precisely what the Munich-based start-up Planty of Meat has now succeeded in doing: With its Whole Cut chicken breast, Planty is launching a vegan alternative on the market that barely differs from the original in terms of taste and also appearance. With a new one, the German start-up creates a real innovation.

"For us, the Whole Cut is about establishing an alternative to traditional chicken meat that every consumer can afford, even in these times," summarizes Johannes Biel. "We are able to sell the vegan chicken breast in perspective at a price that will be below that of the classic meat product. With this price concept as well as high production capacity, we are thus making a decisive contribution to democratizing vegan meat substitute products."

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