Decisive years for milk production in France: APBO and Groupe Bel renew their agreement for the next 15 months

11-Nov-2022 - France

The Association de Producteurs de Lait Bel Ouest (APBO) and the Bel Group have renewed their partnership for the 6th consecutive year, agreeing on a revaluation of the price of milk and more sustainable agricultural practices. APBO and Bel are thus pursuing their ambition to transition to low-carbon milk, supported by a MonBBlait 2023 price of €471/1000L agreed for the entire year 2023.

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A long-term partnership, an upgraded agreement to support a local dairy dynamic

Since 2017, the APBO & Bel partnership, which was pioneered and predates the EGAlim laws, has been an unprecedented initiative, renewed every year. For the next 15 months, APBO & Bel have concluded a revaluation for the fourth quarter of 2022, and for the year 2023, for the totality of the volumes collected.

It is this visibility on prices and volumes over the long term that makes it possible to support the economic viability of the 700 dairy farms and to continue to develop more sustainable practices: reduction of the carbon footprint, pilot farms on innovative projects, pastures, GMO-free feed.

The desire to work for sustainable transformation in a context of unprecedented pressures

The economic crisis has considerably increased the pressure on the entire food value chain. Tensions are being exerted at all levels, on the activities of dairy farms (cow feed, fertilizers, fuel) as well as on industrial production (all costs of raw materials, packaging, transport, energy).

In this context, and in a constant dialogue during the year 2022, two revaluations have accompanied the changes in production costs for farmers.

This new agreement illustrates more than ever the common desire of Groupe Bel and APBO producers to meet the short-term challenges of inflation, and to reaffirm for the sixth consecutive year the constancy of their long-term commitments. These are two key issues to help maintain and transform a French dairy industry that is more sustainable, carbon-free and more profitable for future generations.

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