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What people in Germany are doing without Tchibo Coffee Report 2023

08-Jun-2023 - Germany
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Do without coffee to save money? That's where the fun stops - or more appropriately, there are no entertainment events. To save money, 44.1 percent of people in Germany would rather forgo cultural events or visits to restaurants / cafés (43.9 %) than their coffee. Thus, despite the global challenges, 70.6 percent do not want to save money on coffee so far. At the same time, 45.2 percent of coffee drinkers are experiencing a personal loss of wealth due to inflation, and 46.6 percent are having to severely curb their spending. These were the findings of a representative survey of 1,500 coffee drinkers conducted by Tchibo together with brand eins and Statista for the Tchibo Coffee Report 2023. The focus of the 12th edition is the topic of "renunciation".

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Tchibo Coffee Report 2023: What would you most likely do without?

Family, coffee, friends - we can't do without them

Never without family! That's the opinion of 66.5 percent of coffee drinkers, who could least do without their family. This is followed by coffee (57.3%) and friends (47.3%). Do without coffee? Better not! 35 percent could not limit their coffee consumption, and only 8.1 % could do without coffee completely. 56.4 percent of coffee drinkers are even saddened by the thought of giving up coffee.

Not a day without a bean: coffee and more coffee

Drinking coffee makes you happy (28.8%), drinking coffee is enjoyment (59.9%) and drinking coffee is part of your daily structure (55%) - reasons enough why the bean is the favorite drink among the population: 91.9% drink it every day. Once again, the popularity increased significantly compared to the previous year (89.2 %). On average, 3.4 cups are drunk per day (0.1 cups more than in the previous year), or 167 liters per year and per capita. Men with 3.5 cups are ahead of women with 3.3 cups. Alongside coffee from fully automatic machines (32.9%) and cappuccino (28.9%), filter coffee is still the most popular in Germany: 46.7% drink it regularly.

Inflation vs. green conscience: Sustainable coffee loses out in the crisis

35.2 percent regularly or always drink sustainable coffee, down from 38.5 percent in 2022. For 32 percent, sustainable coffee is too expensive. 39.6 percent think sustainable coffee is important, but it should not cost more than conventional coffee. However, 24.5 percent also say that they do not know which coffee is really sustainable when making a purchasing decision. The sustainable idea also has to admit defeat to spontaneity: For 26 percent, transporting a reusable cup is too much effort. 32.7 percent find paper cups practical, and for 54.8 percent, coffee to go enjoyment is spontaneous, so the reusable cup is not included.

Do without coffee? Rather not!

When it comes to a national comparison of which region could not limit its coffee consumption, the east is in the lead with 38.7 percent. Behind it is the north with 35.3 percent - followed by the west (34.2 percent) and the south (33.6 percent). Without or with? If coffee is added, then whole milk! 36.6 percent of people in Germany prefer to add the whole milk variety to their coffee, closely followed by low-fat milk (23.6 %) and sugar (22 %). 22.5 percent prefer to drink their coffee black. The most popular plant-based alternative is oat drink with 9.6 percent.

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