Maß beer at the Wiesn becomes more expensive - many tents take 14.50 euros

26-Jun-2023 - Germany

The measure of beer at the Munich Oktoberfest is once again becoming more expensive: The range this year is between 12.60 euros and 14.90 euros. Many tents take 14,50 euro, as from one on Thursday presented overview of the department for work and economics resulted. On average, guests have to put down 6.12 percent more for the festival beer than last year, when the price range went from 12.60 euros to 13.80 euros.

The average price of non-alcoholic beverages per liter is 10.04 euros for table water (2022: 9.67 euros), 11.65 euros for Spezi (2022: 10.85 euros) and 11.17 euros for lemonade (2019: 10.35 euros).

The beverage prices are not set by the state capital, but as the organizer, it reviews the prices quoted by restaurateurs to ensure they are reasonable. The Oktoberfest will take place from September 16 to October 3. (dpa)

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