SciOpen signs new food science journal

28-Jun-2023 - China
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SciOpen, Tsinghua University Press’s open-access publishing platform, has signed the journal food science of Animal Products. It is SciOpen’s first client journal whose scholarly publishing workflow is entirely managed by SciOpen’s production team, and its first issue is now available online. 

Food Science of Animal Products

Food Science of Animal Products is a peer-reviewed, open access international journal that publishes the latest research findings in the field of animal-origin foods, involving food materials such as meat, aquatic products, milk, eggs, animal offals and edible insects.

The journal publishes the latest research related to animal-origin foods, including meat, diary, aquatic products and edible insects, covering everything from quality to effect on human health to sensory experiences and more. 

“The objectives of this journal are to provide an authoritative platform for scholars worldwide to publish scientific theories and fundamental experimental studies related to animal-origin foods, and showcase innovative technological breakthroughs for developing nutritious, healthy, delicious and safe animal-origin human foods,” said Yong Sun, managing editor of Food Science of Animal Products. 

The journal joined SciOpen to better highlight innovative scientific research, Sun said. 

“We believe the strong alliance with the international digital academic journal publishing platform SciOpen will be more conducive to the long-term development of our journal,” Sun said. “I believe the SciOpen platform could pave the way for a brilliant future for English peer-reviewed journals published in China.” 

Sun credits SciOpen’s international review system, production process and media relations for the journal’s move to the publishing platform. He also noted that SciOpen owns independent intellectual property rights, rather than co-publishing with other publishers who oversee the process. 

“Our journal chose to cooperate with the SciOpen platform operated by Tsinghua University Press due to their expertise in international publishing, as well as their efficient end-to-end services,” Sun said. 

According to Lei Shi, the head of SciOpen, end-to-end services integrates copyediting, layout and typesetting for client journals. This means journal editors can dedicate their time to more strategic work, such as improving journal’s academic performance and building academic brands. 

“SciOpen is not just an online publishing system — it takes into account the requirements of both journal development and user experience,” Shi said. “We are working diligently to build an offline production service support system for the publishing platform. We are committed to digitally connecting the industrial chain to create an efficient, economical, agile and robust supply chain of academic journals with independent, mature tools and services.” 

SciOpen has published more than 12,000 articles in more than 40 academic journals, and has partnerships with multiple search engines, publishing organizations and databases, making its academic content available across platforms. SciOpen also supports various publication stages, including “Just Accepted,” “Online First,” “Whole Issue Releasing” and more. The platform also boasts a marketing team to disseminate research news across social media. 

“We provide all our online published journals with customized service support from submission, editing,  production to worldwide  promotion and database indexing,” Shi said. “Our goal is to provide our publishing partners with competitive production quality, cycle, cost and personalized service advantages. By digitalizing the publishing process, SciOpen widens the reach, deepens the impact and accelerates the exchange of ideas.” 

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