M&M'S & the Riccardo Simonetti Initiative for a Life with Pride

24-Jul-2023 - Germany

LGBTQIA+ community celebrates #GetReadyForPrideWithMMs initiative on July 20 at M&M'S flagship store and starts countdown to Berlin CSD.

Juri Reetz for Mars GmbH

Riccardo Simonetti, founder of the Riccardo Simonetti Initiative and Leni Bolt (Queer Eye) ring in the CSD weekend at the #GetReadyForPrideWithMMs event at the M&M'S Store in Berlin on July 20, 2023.

Creating a world where everyone feels like they belong is the mission of the M&M'S brand. And that requires commitment. M&M'S has stood for colorful diversity for over 80 years. Around the world, the Mars Universe brand supports initiatives that connect people, break down barriers and promote tolerance.

#GetReadyforPridewithMMs - for more visibility and tolerance.

In Germany this year, M&M'S joined 14 creators on TikTok to create a space that strengthens the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community and addresses the issues that move them: #GetReadyForPrideWithMMs. The campaign revolves around personal stories, creative productions and Pride of people celebrating their individuality and encouraging others to do the same.

As part of this, M&M'S is supporting the Riccardo Simonetti Initiative for the first time, which promotes positive change in society. Founder, author and community ambassador Riccardo Simonetti: "Together we are stronger. We appreciate the support of M&M'S. Together, we have the goal of making this world a colorful place where everyone has their place. According to our motto 'all together for a kinder society'."

Countdown to the Berlin CSD: A colorful Pride afternoon with M&M'S.

To conclude the #GetReadyForPrideWithMMs campaign, the community as well as "Family, Friends and Allies" will come together on July 20 at the M&M'S flagship store in Berlin for the CSD Countdown. The afternoon will be dedicated to Pride weekend. The store offers the perfect backdrop with Rainbow banners and decorations on 3000 m2 - from the facade to under the ceiling. Guests can expect DJ vibes and a stimulating talk with Riccardo Simonetti, Grimme Award winner Leni Bolt ("Queer Eyes Germany") and Leonie Kaczmareck, member of the Mars internal network Pride Europe. The discussion will focus on what everyone can do for respectful coexistence. It is about self-determination, acceptance and the equal rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, intersexuals and queer people. The talk will end with the presentation of a donation of 25,000 euros to the Riccardo Simonetti Initiative.

Sandra Rohrbach, Head of Bitesize Portfolio Mars Wrigley Germany: "M&M'S stands for colorful fun for everyone. Shared fun is the strongest way to connect people, and we use it to promote solidarity and tolerance in communities and among our employees. That's what makes Pride personal for us."

The commitment to togetherness as a matter of course continues

Even though the M&M'S Pride season 2023 is coming to an end: M&M'S and Mars continue their commitment to colorful diversity, acceptance and equal opportunities - visibly and loudly with their own initiatives and the support of organizations of the LGBTQ+ community.

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