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11-Aug-2023 - Germany
The Popcorn Board

Popcorn with dill and lemon spice mix

In the USA, popcorn is far more than just a popular treat. While the whole-grain snack has only gained popularity here in the last century, it has been part of snack culture in the United States for a long time.

In contrast to Germans, who according to the BDSI consume only about four kilograms of snack foods in total each year, Americans alone eat as much as 5.5 kilograms of the puffed grain per year. This makes it one of the most popular and most consumed snacks in the USA.

This is partly due to the extremely good nutritional profile of popcorn. Air-popped, the puffed corn is not only virtually fat- and sugar-free, but also particularly low in calories. A handful of this natural snack has just 100 calories. The many fibers it contains also speak in favor of the yellow corn as a long-lasting satiator.

The best-known classics are salted, buttered and sweetened popcorn. However, the Americans' favorite snack offers so much more. In addition to different preparation methods - in the microwave, with a popcorn machine or classically in a pot - the numerous flavor variations make puffed corn a true all-rounder. Beyond the traditional flavors, a variety of other varieties are increasingly found on the market, prepared with herbs and spices.

While spice blends like dill and lemon are popular in the summer, homemade Pumpkin Spice popcorn scores in the fall and chocolatey cinnamon popcorn scores in the winter. Discover these and more ideas for preparing the American corn and get inspired by a great recipe selection: www.popcorn.org.

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