A visit to the bar in Dry January - how it works

Thomas Henry presents study on bar culture


Christmas parties with colleagues, invitations from customers, followed by festive celebrations with family and friends and, of course, New Year's Eve. As full as the diary is in December, it is often empty in January. Not least because Dry January is becoming increasingly popular and more people are giving up alcohol completely in the first month of the year, which means fewer nights out.


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But isn't it possible to go to a bar without alcohol? In a qualitative psychological study on bar culture conducted by COLIBRI Research in September 2023, Thomas Henry asked bar guests and bartenders about this, among other things. The results provide exciting insights:

  • Drinks in the bar are above all a medium of communication.
  • People enjoy themselves and come into contact with others, sometimes with and sometimes without alcohol.
  • For the vast majority of respondents, a visit to the bar also works well without alcohol.
  • The most important factors here are a high-quality alternative, fair prices and the right social environment.

So the Dry January trend does not necessarily rule out a visit to the bar, especially if the alcohol-free menu goes beyond boring juice spritzers and water. And even after January, guests now often want less alcohol. Nevertheless, the drink should be perfectly composed and presented by the bar professional. Thomas Henry's extensive portfolio caters precisely to this need on the bar side. "Our premium mixers work for drink creations and variations with and without alcohol," says Sigrid Bachert, Managing Director of Thomas Henry.

A selection of creative drink variations without alcohol, such as the Shirley Temple with Thomas Henry Ginger Ale, the Maple Mule with Thomas Henry Spicy Ginger or the Botanical Garden with Thomas Henry Botanical Tonic, can be found at www.thomas-henry.de/Drinks.


To determine the psychological significance of the bar, Thomas Henry conducted a comprehensive survey with consumers and bartenders in collaboration with the COLIBRI Research Institute. For this purpose, 15 in-depth interviews with bar guests (n=15, 23-50 years) and six expert interviews with bartenders (n=6, 23-50 years) were conducted in Hamburg and Berlin in September 2023. The focus was on the socio-psychological functions of the bar as well as the needs and usage structures of the guests.

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