100-Million Coffee Capsule Deal

PAPACKS and EURO-CAPS Conquer the Market with Plastic-Free Innovation and Win the Prestigious WorldStar Packaging Award


The coffee capsule, developed together in a more than five-year collaboration between Euro-Caps and PAPACKS, is made from renewable, FSC®-certified raw materials, representing a significant advancement in the sustainable packaging industry. It greatly minimizes waste and optimizes resource usage.

These innovative oil-resistant and water-resistant fiber-based coffee capsules ensure coffee freshness and enable smooth use in capsule coffee machines, significantly reducing environmental impact, in line with our principles of social responsibility and circular economy.

With great pride and joy, we announce that PAPACKS and Euro-Caps have been awarded the esteemed WorldStar Packaging Award 2024 for their innovative fiber-based coffee capsule. This honor from the World Packaging Organization (WPO) recognizes our ongoing commitment to sustainability and high-quality standards.

With this step and the expansion to other compatible capsule models, Euro Caps, in collaboration with PAPACKS, becomes one of the first industrial-scale suppliers of a functioning fiber-based coffee capsule, which can significantly reduce the current use of plastic and aluminum capsules. According to calculations by DUH (Deutsche Umwelthilfe), Germans consumed a total of 3.4 billion coffee capsules in 2019, equating to approximately 13,500 tons of waste.

The joint development with Euro-Caps and PAPACKS challenged numerous experts from both companies to ensure the final product functions flawlessly, especially in its properties of oil resistance and water resistance, completely without plastic and aluminum. This innovation in design and technology has been registered as an international design patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization (DM/230736).

Tahsin Dag, Founder & CEO of PAPACKS, comments: "We are proud of our developments in coffee capsules, demonstrating our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. Transforming rapidly renewable, FSC®-certified raw materials into compostable capsules represents a significant advancement. Our innovative and outstanding collaboration with EURO-CAPS has been instrumental in achieving these innovations. This partnership emphasizes our mission to advance eco-friendly packaging solutions and to serve both our customers and the environment."

Anthony Kay, R&D Engineer at EURO-CAPS, comments: "The advancements we have made at EURO-CAPS in the development of coffee capsules are a clear indication of our innovative strength and commitment to the environment. Through our collaboration with PAPACKS, we have succeeded in developing capsules that are not only environmentally friendly but also technologically advanced. Our focus was on creating a capsule that is fully compostable without compromising on the quality and taste experience of the coffee. This is a significant step forward for sustainability in the coffee capsule industry."

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