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Cooperation between Deutsche Umwelthilfe and Rapunzel: HAND IN HAND Fund for Eco-social Projects Worldwide

Various media currently report that Rapunzel is a "donor" of the German Environmental Aid (DUH). This statement, which is repeatedly made in connection with the issue of "diesel driving bans", is wrong. Rather, Rapunzel and the DUH have been working together successfully for 20 years in the HAND IN HAND Fund for the promotion of eco-social projects worldwide.

Since its foundation in 1998, this fund has already supported 327 projects in 55 countries with a sum of 1.4 million Euro. All funds that Rapunzel transfers to the DUH go 100 percent to the HAND IN HAND fund and from there 100 percent to the projects. Neither Rapunzel nor the DUH use any money for the administration of the fund, but enable the money to reach the projects directly and without deduction.

Rapunzel is the largest donor to the HAND IN HAND Fund. The amount is based on the purchase value of raw materials that Rapunzel purchases directly from its fair trade partners in the HAND IN HAND program. Only a small part is provided by private donations to the publicly known fund, which is managed transparently by DUH.

Rapunzel has chosen this form of cooperation in order to be able to allocate funds to projects regardless of the economic interests of the company. All sponsored projects can be viewed with sums of money at https://www.rapunzel.de/hand-in-hand-fonds.html

The HAND IN HAND Fund supports ecological and social projects in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Whether organic farming, women's projects, environmental education, access to clean water, reforestation or marine conservation - the focus is on smaller local initiatives that provide help for self-help in an unbureaucratic manner. For over 20 years, Rapunzel has been supporting successful development work reliably and on a long-term basis.

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