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M-Industry participates in Foodtech startup InnovoPro



InnovoPro is an Israeli foodtech start-up that uses innovative technological processes to produce high-quality protein concentrate from chickpeas. With this investment, the M-industry secures access to know-how and raw materials.

For the food industry, chickpeas are an interesting alternative to vegetable protein sources such as soy, almonds or rice. They are rich in proteins, GMO-free and have no allergens. InnovoPro processes the chickpeas in a gentle, water-based extraction process into high-quality protein concentrate, which is further processed in the food industry. "The participation in InnovoPro gives companies in the M-industry access to a forward-looking and high-quality protein source that we can use in a large number of our vegetarian and vegan products. In addition, InnovoPro's technological know-how opens up new product applications in the field of milk alternatives, meat substitutes or desserts and sauces," says Eliana Zamprogna, Chief Technology Officer of M-Industry. First products based on chickpea proteins are under development and will be launched in 2019.

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  • meat substitutes
  • allergens
  • GMO
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    InnovoPro is committed to bringing unique plant-based protein ingredients to the global food market in order to create nutritious, tasty, safe, and sustainable food products. With an excellent nutritional profile, “free from” properties and wide usability in the food industry, InnovoPro’s c ... more

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