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Almdudler is lemonade winner 2018

The renowned market research institute market confirms No. 1



Since 1957, Almdudler has been an Alpine-Austrian lifestyle in the bottle, Austria's most popular and best-known Alpine herbal lemonade and a 100% Austrian family business with tradition and heart - in short, a genuine original. "Both as a brand and as a product, we have a close relationship to the life of the Austrians. We are very proud that this has now been confirmed by the renowned market research institute market in a representative study for Austria. Consumers made Almdudler the clear No. 1 on the Austrian lemonade market and the overall winner in 2018", says Almdudler Managing Director Gerhard Schilling, pleased with the success and the award of the "market Quality Award".

1st place among 21 lemonade brands

In an independent market test, Almdudler put international groups such as Coke, Frucade, Schweppes etc. in the back of the field and became the clear No. 1. ""It confirms our work that as an Austrian family-owned company we were able to leave globally active brands behind us," explains Schilling. "Our product was not conceived in international corporations, but with a conscious reference to Austria. Our core competence is unique refreshment, the highest quality, joie de vivre and the feeling of home".

Top survey results for Almdudler

For many years, the market Institute has been conducting industry-specific market tests. A large number of relevant content criteria are evaluated in a representative survey from the point of view of the Austrian population aged 15 and over. Claus Hofmann-Credner, Head of Marketing at Almdudler, says: ""The results of the study make us very proud. Almdudler has a brand awareness of 94 percent, while the industry average is only 67 percent. Moreover, with 68 percent, Almdudler is the strongest lemonade brand in Austria (industry average: 37 percent)".

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