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Every year again diet frustration at the beginning of the year

How it works in 2019 with sustainable weight loss


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Exemplary comparison of the blood sugar reaction to a light drink and a drink containing sugar. Here: The light drink leads to a higher increase in blood sugar.

It's probably the most common of all good resolutions for the new year: Get rid of the bacon. But the obligatory diet at the beginning of the year often comes to an early end. A growling stomach, ravenous appetite and frustration make most people unable to keep up with what they have set out to do. And who creates it, that threatens every year again the Jojo effect. Therefore, the scientific program MillionFriends focuses on a moderate, sustainable adaptation of the own diet with sufficient enjoyment.

The beginning of the year means nothing good for the personal scales of German households. The holidays have been a great time to get rid of the stubborn Christmas bacon. Studies show that 80 per cent of the annual weight increase are to be led back on the holidays at the end of the yearly. All the same whether interval fasting, low carb diet or the good old FDH - none the alleged miracle parliamentary allowance could prevent that the portion of the obese humans on the world increased sixfold in the last 40 years. By 2025, even one fifth of the world's population is expected to be obese.

The word "obese" alone suggests that this is a problem of excessive fat consumption. For many years it was the measure of all things to replace butter with margarine or to prefer low-fat dairy products. It is now known that hidden sugar supplements have exacerbated the problem. However, making many calories the scapegoat of hip gold is also not proving to be a sustainable option. So the nourishing experts of the new program MillionFriends could see with many participants that even Cola Light can instigate due to high blood sugar rises the body to reactions, which cause ravenous hunger and increased fat storage.

Such reactions have to do with the blood sugar rise on food, and this is different with each humans individually. Example: While the one reacts with an unfavorably steep blood sugar curve to white bread, that cannot be with another humans in such a way. So if you want to eat appropriately, it is important to know your individual parameters. The effect: If the blood sugar remains stable, one does not get hungry again so quickly and avoids that one's own fat cells work at full speed.

That's why MillionFriends analyses the blood sugar levels after its participants have eaten and derives top and flop meals. In this way, everyone can identify from their favorite foods those that are best for their own metabolism or keep their blood sugar stable. Sounds simple, but has a well-founded scientific background: The idea to develop a program for personalized nutrition suitable for everyday use was born at the chair of the Lübeck nutritionist Prof. Dr. med. Christian Sina, where the health-relevant effects of nutrition on the metabolism and on the immune system are studied intensively.

"With MillionFriends, we deliberately developed a kind of anti-diet in which the daily diet is adapted, but not completely changed over," says Prof. Dr. med Christian Sina. "This is done through an intelligent selection of foods and meals within our own menu, i.e. within the framework of our own individual taste preferences. This keeps the effort for the individual within limits and you have a greater chance of achieving sustainable success."

For 14 days, Million Friends participants continuously measure their blood glucose curves and create a nutrition diary using the MillionFriends App. From the analysis of the blood sugar reactions in conjunction with the nutrition diary, the MillionFriends team of experts determines what the metabolism reacts to well and what not. At the end, participants receive a detailed report on foods that are good for them and which should be avoided. The key to success is to get rid of excess pounds without completely turning the diet upside down.

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