Amber Beverage Group acting CEO named best female CEO of the year

08-Feb-2021 - Luxembourg

Amber Beverage Group (ABG) Acting CEO, Jekaterina Stuģe has been named Best Female CEO  from Latvia of the Year 2020 in the Global 100 Annual awards. 2020 was the 12th year of the Awards, which recognise the achievements and expertise of companies and individuals operating to the highest standards across the globe and Stuģe is proud to be the recipient of one of the top awards.

Amber Beverage Group

Amber Beverage Group (ABG) Acting CEO, Jekaterina Stuģe has been named Best Female CEO from Latvia of the Year 2020 in the Global 100 Annual Awards

The Global 100 Annual Awards, consisting of the world’s leading firms and individuals, were announced in December 2020, after a selection process assessing various criteria across domestic and international markets, including complexity of work, strategic significance and ground-breaking innovation. Five nominees were selected in each category by the EMG Publishing Group’s readers and Amber Beverage Group is delighted that Jekaterina Stuģe has been voted the winner in the category of leading Female CEOs in Latvia.

Jekaterina joined the SPI Group as the CFO of the Baltic business unit in year 2014. She has participated in the development of Amber Beverage Group and since that time, she has worked across many parts of the business. While she holds the roles of CFO and COO in the Group, she was made Acting CEO in 2020. As an executive, she has overseen the company’s growth and now is set to reach the main ABG goal: to become a €1 billion company over the next five years.

The key objective of Jekaterina in her role as the acting CEO of Amber Beverage Group is to pivot the whole organisation by means of an innovation agenda.  This includes development of new products, expansion in new markets and consumer segments, introduction of the latest technologies in AI and automation and reinvention of operational and production processes to achieve efficiencies.

In early 2020, when the global pandemic struck the beverage industry, Jekaterina was part of the management team that proactively focused on realigning ABG businesses to work within the new reality. Through effective cost management, streamlining internal processes, growth in production and a quick introduction of new brands, ABG exceeded its 2019 performance despite the pandemic.

Amber Beverage Group Acting CEO, Jekaterina Stuģe, says, “I am delighted to be the recipient of this prestigious award. I am proud of the team at Amber Beverage Group and what we have collectively achieved, especially during the pandemic. Despite the challenges in the industry, we are not waiting for the pandemic to end or the markets to re-open but are continuing to put together new solutions and new ideas, finding new channels and new approaches to market without delay.”

In the past Jekaterina has won several business awards including the prestigious Business Worldwide Global Corporate Excellence Award in such categories as The Most Innovative CFO – Latvia and The Strongest Growth Strategy Team in Europe. Finance Monthly Magazine has recognized Jekaterina as one of the strongest financial professionals in the region.


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