Finns are crazy about ice

Per capita consumption of ice cream significantly higher than in Germany

11-May-2022 - Germany

The Finns are really crazy about ice cream. 97% of Finns like ice cream and they consequently eat the most ice cream in all of Europe: According to information from the North European Ice Cream Association, each Finn eats about 14 liters of ice cream a year. By way of comparison, per capita consumption of ice cream in Germany averages around 8 liters.

Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash

Most ice cream in Finland is consumed in the summer, but for Finns, ice cream is a year-round treat. One third of Finnish households always have ice cream in the freezer*.74

Ice cream is known to make people happy. It may also be because of ice cream that Finland tops the list of the World Happiness Report for the fifth time in a row in 2022 and is once again the happiest country in the world.

Perhaps German ice cream fans will therefore take Finland as a role model for ice cream consumption this year. Because the Ice Hockey World Championship, which will take place in Finland between May 13 and 29, 2022, invites fans to lick some extra ice cream during exciting games. Or even to try an ice cream in the flavor of licorice, which is very popular in Finland.

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