02-Aug-2022 - DIC Corporation

DIC and Debut Biotech Advance and Scale Biomanufacturing of Sustainable Red Colorants for Food, Nutrition, and Cosmetics

DIC Corporation (DIC) announced the start of the second phase of a joint development agreement with California-based biotech startup Debut Biotechnology, Inc. (Debut Biotech), a synthetic biology company at the forefront of advanced biomanufacturing technology. The agreement focuses on creating natural red colorants for the food, nutrition, and cosmetics industries.

Debut Biotech’s proprietary continuous technology overcomes traditional biomanufacturing barriers through a cell-free approach — retaining enzymes and other useful parts of cells, while discarding limiting parts. By working with vital cell enzymes under optimum conditions, Debut Biotech engineers optimized reactions, synthesizing stable targets with high purity. The result is the efficient and continuous manufacturing of biomaterials and other active ingredient products previously overlooked due to low material yields.

In July 2021, DIC and Debut Biotech launched the first phase of their joint development agreement (JDA) to develop a new method for synthesizing natural pigments. Working together, DIC and Debut Biotech achieved titers one-thousand times higher than traditional fermentation methods typically deliver.

In this second phase, DIC and Debut Biotech will utilize the knowledge gained in the first phase to further develop and scale up a sustainable and highly efficient production process for high-performance natural pigments — specifically, bright, vibrant reds.

DIC and Debut Biotech will accelerate R&D collaborations to deliver high-purity and odorless natural pigment products for foods, nutrition, and cosmetics. By using plant-derived materials, the unstable quality control and supply issues that have long-continued to challenge natural product and bio-based material producers are eliminated.

As a leading global provider of printing inks and organic pigments, DIC is constantly striving to develop safer and more sustainable products. Through this JDA with Debut Biotech, DIC continues to realize the DIC Vision—to improve the human condition by safely delivering color and comfort for sustainable prosperity—offering safer and more sustainable products.

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