IKEA shows how delicious and inexpensive a plant-based diet can be

IKEA serves new tasty plant-based dishes at a low price for Veganuary.


Try vegan - this January! People around the world have been celebrating Veganuary for more than ten years. IKEA has also been supporting the vegan New Year's challenge since 2020 and wants to inspire people to try a plant-based diet. After all, IKEA's vision is to create a better everyday life for many people. The company believes that making healthier and more sustainable food an easy and tasty choice - and at an affordable price - is part of the way to a better everyday life for many people.

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Try plant-based!

Under the motto "Try plant-based!", IKEA is offering its customers attractive offers and delicious dishes to start the new year meat-free in the Swedish restaurant, Swedish bistro and Swedish store. In addition to plant-based meals such as a schnitzel, a carrot cake and a plant-based potato and leek soup, IKEA is introducing a permanent innovation in the Swedish restaurants in mid-January: customers will always be able to enjoy their cappuccino and latte with oat drink as an alternative.

IKEA Family members can look forward to particularly attractive discounts on Veganuary. In the Swedish store, they can get a menu consisting of the new PLANT-HOTDOG (available since July 2023), a soft drink and a plant-based strawberry soft ice cream for 3.50 euros instead of 4.25 euros. IKEA Family members can also save in the Swedish store for Veganuary: IKEA Family members can get the new plant-based nuggets SLAGVERK (available since October 2023) for €3.99 instead of €4.99.

The plant-based success of IKEA

IKEA's food range supports the positive customer experience in IKEA stores and contributed 267 million euros to IKEA's total sales in Germany in financial year 23. In order to make plant-based alternatives accessible to as many people as possible and to invite curious meat lovers to try plant-based options, IKEA deliberately makes them particularly affordable. At IKEA in Germany, all plant-based alternatives from the IKEA food range have been cheaper than the comparable variant based on animal protein since October 2022. This is well received: A quarter of customers are already opting for the plant-based range - and the trend is rising. IKEA's goal is for half of the meals served in its Swedish restaurants to be plant-based by 2025 and for 80 percent of all packaged food offered in the Swedish store to be plant-based.

"Our goal is to enable our customers to lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle by offering delicious food that has a positive impact on people and the planet at an affordable price. The range of plant-based alternatives has become an integral part of our offer. For several years now, our customers have been able to find plant-based alternatives in our Swedish bistros, Swedish restaurants and Swedish stores and we are constantly expanding our range," explains Tanja Schramm, Country Food Manager at IKEA Germany.

Christopher Hollmann, who is in charge of Veganuary in Germany: "Millions of people are consciously trying out a plant-based diet this January as part of Veganuary. Vegan options of popular classics such as schnitzel and coffee specialties will play a key role. We are particularly pleased that new and tried-and-tested plant-based alternatives at IKEA are also cheaper, as this makes the switch easier and invites people to try them out."

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