Colorful and healthy: a new gem in the potato chip range


"Rote Emmalie", "Agria" and "Purple Rain": these potatoes are real insider tips for gourmets who value variety and regionality. Despite their lesser-known names, they are characterized by their unique taste. Dedicated farmers and food experts appreciate this and are committed to preserving this diversity of varieties - beyond the standardized goods from the supermarket. Munich-based Daniela Sepp, founder of the start-up "Best Foodies", is one such gourmet. For her, it is not only important to eat healthily, but also to discover new taste experiences. When she heard about this variety of potatoes, she decided to look for regional organic farmers to create new, colorful chips.

Best Foodies

Searched, found: Two organic producers supply Daniela Sepp with the ingredients for her new potato chips. The
Hatzlhof farm from Esting in Upper Bavaria and Karsten Ellenberg from Barum in the Lüneburg Heath cultivate
hand-picked potatoes using organic farming methods. Their mission: to make rare varieties accessible to a wide audience
. The special thing about the selected tubers, apart from their fine aroma, is their magnificent color:

  • The "Purple Rain" potato is an old variety with a fine, sweetish aroma. Not only its taste and appearance are remarkable, but also its nutritional profile. It contains valuable nutrients and fiber.
  • "Agria is also one of the older varieties and is ideal for making potato chips. It has a very yellow flesh and is particularly aromatic.
  • The 'Rote Emmalie' stands out with its strong red flesh and has been bred by farmer Karsten Ellenberg from Lower Saxony since 2004. It was named Potato of the Year in 2018.

Thanks to the collaboration with these organic farms, Daniela Sepp not only focuses on the taste and quality of her product, but also supports local agriculture. Her new potato potato chips are a delight for the palate and the eye. They also invite you to discover the diversity of local varieties.

In September 2023, Daniela Sepp will be providing culinary variety in the snack world with her new potato chips made from local pumpkin - a first on the market. The food visionary is keen to use as many regional ingredients as possible to make her products. Production is also carried out in Germany by the only manufacturer that has mastered the innovative "soft fried process".

During vacuum frying, the vegetables are gently baked in hot organic sunflower oil. The temperature is only 140 degrees (instead of 185 degrees in classic deep-frying), which means that the acrylamide content is significantly lower. The product also contains at least 30 percent less fat than conventional potato chips, without compromising on taste or nutrients. The natural color of the colorful potatoes is retained and the aromas are preserved. This not only makes the potato chips more digestible, but also tastier and, above all, particularly crispy. The "soft fried technique" also makes it possible to use vegetables that cannot be fried in the traditional way due to their consistency - such as pumpkin or potatoes fried in cubes.

The Best Foodies range of potato chips consists of four varieties - all organic:

  • colorful potatoes with alpine salt and black pepper
  • local pumpkin & sea salt (available during the pumpkin season October-March)
  • Parsnip, sweet potato, beet & sea salt
  • local sweet potato & sea salt

The products are currently listed in numerous delicatessen and organic food retailers in Germany, as well as in all Austrian BILLA stores.

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