Individual refreshment on the go! Döhler launches “Liquid Food & Beverage Enhancers” product concepts

Döhler Liquid Food & Beverage Enhancers

31-Mar-2015 - Germany

Boredom is a thing of the past! With its new range of “Liquid Food & Beverage Enhancers”, Döhler is bringing an end to monotony in water, tea, coffee and beer.

Lifestyle, convenience and especially individualism are among the most important consumer trends of our time. Today, the consumer goods industry is meeting these central consumer needs with exceptional products and services, allowing consumers to do anything from creating their own muesli to individually printed sweets. Water Enhancers are trendsetters that took the USA by storm. The idea behind the product is as simple as it is ingenious: consumers can carry their favourite flavour wherever they go, in the form of a highly-concentrated syrup contained in a small ‘squeezy’ PET bottle in their trouser pocket or bag. This allows them to create their own personalised beverage in an instant – at home, at work or on the go.

To allow the food and beverage industry to participate in this trend, Döhler has developed a full range of Liquid Food & Beverage Enhancers that give water, tea, coffee and even beer an individual taste. It includes calorie-free enhancers in lots of lifestyle flavours, more natural product variants based on fruit juice concentrates, and enhancers whose functional ingredients give them healthy added value. A consumer study conducted by Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science extensively researched the concept and the associated probability of success of the Liquid Food & Beverage Enhancers from a consumer point of view. All the product concepts impressed with extremely promising results. Döhler provides its customers in the food and beverage industry with holistic support in implementing these product ideas. This starts with the syrups, which already contain all ingredients, and extends to consultancy on filling and packaging.

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