VDMA (Germany): Slight increase in exports of food processing and packaging machinery expected in 2015

24-Dec-2015 - Germany

In the first three quarters of 2015, exports of food processing and packaging machinery reached a value of EUR 5.7 billion, thus falling short of the previous year's figure by one percentage point. Due to the strong deliveries expected in the fourth quarter, a slight increase in foreign trade is expected for the full year.

In the traditionally important Russian market the decline in deliveries by 35 percent down to 238 million euros was compensated mainly by increases in demand from the EU-28, North America and Asia. For example, in the two key markets USA and China exports increased: USA exports reached 647 million euros (plus 6 percent) and China 410 million Euro (plus 5 percent). Russia dropped to third place. It is now France that holds 3rd place with 303 million euros (plus 5 percent).

The Food Processing and Packaging Machinery industry is very heterogeneous. As a result foreign trade was quite different for the various individual sub-sectors in the current year:

Compared with the previous year, exports of meat processing machinery and confectionery machinery, for example, rose by 14 respectively 18 percent to 399 and 218 million euros. Bakery equipment as well as beverage production machinery each saw a decline of around 10 percent down to 154 million euros respectively 200 million euros. However, this decline must be seen in perspective to the high figures of the previous year. The exports of packaging machinery, the largest sub-section of the industry, also missed the previous year’s figure by 3 percent reaching 3.7 billion euros in the first three quarters. The extent, by which these values are still going to change – or even turn positive – in the final quarter, remains to be seen.

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