Tuning for packaging: Innovative adhesives and food-safe packaging

Jowat SE at FachPack 2016

12-Aug-2016 - Germany

Jowat SE is attending FachPack 2016 under the headline “Tuning for Packaging”, introducing several innovative adhesives for the complete value chain in the packaging industry – from the manufacture of packaging materials and applications during the packaging process to securing goods for transport. Tailored adhesive solutions from Jowat facilitate state-of-the-art packaging processes, especially for current issues, such as energy-efficient End-of-Line processes and food‑safe packaging.

Tuning for Packaging

Jowat is attending this year’s trade show under the headline “Tuning for Packaging”, and is going to introduce innovative adhesive solutions which ensure the perfect packaging and facilitate reliable manufacturing and packaging processes. Jowat delivers a wide range of tailor-made adhesives plus competent and extensive assistance in all bonding-related issues from a network of experts.

At the trade fair, Jowat is also going to present a powerful all‑rounder from the Jowacoll® product group for the manufacture of packaging materials. The dispersion adhesive is especially suitable for laminating packaging with a high degree of finishing and embossed surfaces. Another highlight of this product group are the special adhesives for laminating cut-out windows.

Adhesives from the Jowatherm® und Jowat-Toptherm® product groups facilitate reliable processes for erecting and closing sales packaging, outer packaging and transport packaging (e.g. trays or special shelf-ready packaging). A coating with special adhesives gives the packaging anti-slip properties and helps secure the goods during transport. With professional and comprehensive assistance, Jowat supports the industry and facilitates a constant improvement of packaging materials and processes.

Current issues in the packaging industry:

Energy efficiency in “End-of-Line” processes and food-safe packaging

Energy efficiency plays a major role in the packaging process. Low‑temp polyolefines from the Jowat-Toptherm® product group provide an efficient adhesive solution with energy saving potential for “End-of-Line” applications. The modern adhesives can be processed at lower temperatures, and are characterised by a good feed performance and virtually no stringing. They are suitable for Melt‑on‑Demand systems and can be applied with all new energy‑efficient technologies. Visitors at the Jowat booth have the opportunity to take a closer look at two machines for which the products from the Jowat‑Toptherm® group have been certified.

Protection against migration of mineral oils into the packaged goods is another important issue. Jowat provides modern hot melt and dispersion adhesives for the difficult bonding of recycled and fresh fibre materials with a barrier coating on the surface. In addition to cardboards for the manufacture of folding boxes, this also includes paper used for flexible packaging such as pouches and bags.

Jowat supports the complete value chain in the manufacturing and packaging industry with modern adhesive products as well as with competent advisory and assistance.

Come visit Jowat at FachPack 2016 in hall 2, booth 2-320.

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