The Beviale Family continues to grow

27-Jun-2018 - Germany

It’s only 18 months since the NürnbergMesse Group first announced its global network for beverage production, the Beviale Family. As a result, the existing platform for the beverage industry, the BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, was elevated to an international stage. Since then the product family has been enjoying constant growth. “For decades, BrauBeviale has been demonstrating its expertise in all aspects of the beverage industry and is increasingly gaining a more international reach. So it was the logical next step for us to transfer this kind of successful concept to the major growth markets worldwide, opening up new approaches for our customers in the process,” explains Andrea Kalrait, Exhibition Director BrauBeviale and international product manager for the Beviale Family.


At BrauBeviale 2016, NürnbergMesse Group officially launched the Beviale Family, the international product family for the beverage industry. Since then the network has been growing rapidly with events taking place around the world. “And that's not all,” says Kalrait. “We are continuing to have discussions and negotiations worldwide and are currently in an interesting planning phase. It's an exciting time for the industry, as the Beviale Family still has a few things up its sleeve.” The beverage sector has a broad international reach and is an industry that encourages knowledge-sharing and learning from one another. The NürnbergMesse Group sees its job as supporting these endeavours and offering a suitable global platform to industry participants. Our partners for the entire product family are the two prestigious training establishments Doemens Akademie and VLB, the Berlin-based research and teaching institute for brewing. As our international sponsors, they will add their specific expertise to the global capabilities of the Beviale Family.

The longstanding BrauBeviale event in Nuremberg is the international capital goods trade fair for the beverage industry. It’s where for over 40 years the sector has been showcasing all aspects of the production process chain for beverages, such as raw materials, technologies, logistics and marketing. “In the meantime, however, the BrauBeviale is not so much the ‘parent’ event but more of an ‘elder sibling’ in the expanding and now well-established Beviale Family,” says Kalrait, describing the structure of the product family. “Every member is independent and can pursue its own path.”

The first new addition, Beviale Moscow, already existed when the product family was established, having had a successful premiere in October 2015. Since then, Beviale Moscow has enjoyed constant growth. Following its third round in the spring of 2018 it has now achieved a real breakthrough in the challenging but very promising Eastern European market. With record-breaking numbers for exhibitors (146), visitors (around 5,300) and display area (around 2,000 square metres), it demonstrated convincingly that its holistic approach has allowed it to become the key platform meanwhile for the entire Eastern European beverage market.

In May 2016, NürnbergMesse Group focused on craft beer for the first time with the launch of CRAFT BEER CHINA. Apart from networking, training and professional development also play a major role, so this year the third round of the event once again offered the proven mix of trade fair and conference. The repeated success, with a huge rise in exhibitor numbers (180; 2017:100) and visitors (around 9,800; 2017: around 5,300), proves that this is also a very popular segment in growth markets. China in particular offers huge potential, as demonstrated by the enthusiasm with which the Chinese once again took part in this year's CRAFT BEER CHINA. Compared with the previous year, the craft beer community has grown enormously, with almost three times the number of exhibitors.

At CRAFT BEER ITALY, which made its debut in November 2017, the Beviale Family has stuck with its successful concept and has also focused on craft beer. It's a long time since Italy was only regarded as a wine-producing country. The beer scene, in particular hand-crafted beers, meanwhile represents a very strong and dynamic market. Due to this development there is a particular demand for industry expertise, so the first round had a strong focus on the conference running alongside the 

exhibition. Following the successful opener, the next CRAFT BEER ITALY will take place in spring 2019 at a new venue designed to offer even more potential for exhibitors and visitors.

Brand new addition: CRAFT DRINKS INDIA. Unlike its ‘sister events’ in Russia (covering the entire beverage industry) and China or Italy (where the focus is on craft beer), the event taking place in July this year will showcase the entire breadth of the beverage industry. What they have in common is the focus on the craft as such, i.e. on hand-crafted drinks. NürnbergMesse Group is therefore acknowledging that the Indian market for alcoholic drinks is one of the fastest-growing beverage markets worldwide. Bangalore, the cosmopolitan metropolis in the South of India, is seen as the heart of India's craft beer and craft drinks scene and is therefore the ideal showcase for this new member of the Beviale Family.

To include markets and regions where NürnbergMesse Group doesn't host any events of its own, the Beviale Family hosts other events as partnerships. The Feira Brasileira da Cerveja, for example, made its debut as a member of the Beviale Family in Blumenau, Brazil in spring 2018, when 81 exhibitors offered an impressive display of their ideas and solutions for the production of beer and beer specialities. Around 5,400 visitors attended the event to find out about raw materials or technologies for smaller or craft beer breweries as well as packaging and sealing solutions and the latest trends in the sector. The international suppliers that were part of the Beviale Family Pavilion were also very satisfied with their participation. SIBA’s BeerX, Britain's largest trade fair about beer and brewing, has also been an official partner to the Beviale Family since spring 2018. The aim of the partnership is to connect existing successful events with one another and develop the respective target markets together.

A platform will be launched in the South-East Asian market when the Beviale Family takes part in ProPak Asia in Bangkok in mid-June 2018 as part of a pavilion with local industry players.  

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